Table set – I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing many things differently with this pandemic, especially at home. I think there is a tendency that the more we stay at home, the more we pay attention and have the desire to change or do something different.

My newest passion is making a table setting; I’m not a professional. I don’t have many accessory options, but I’m inventing with what I have. Recently, I’ve been doing some projects outside my house; anyone who follows me on Instagram knows this well. The most recent and low-cost one was to liven up an old table that came with the house where we bought it.

The table is concrete and has a 1950s vibe. Consider it a bit vintage because of the yellowish tiles.


This is the table before

mosa no quintal antes

And this is after

mesa com guarda-sol fechado
Well, the first accessory to liven up the table was the yellow parasol from Wayfair; I’ve been in love with this color lately; I think it’s cheerful and vibrant.
mesa com guarda-sol aberto
Then I thought, what if I made a table set for lunch? My friend Denise influenced me and went to Homegoods and Amazon online to buy more accessories.
When I had everything in hand, I took advantage of my photoshoot with Fuse and set up the table for some photos; it was awesome! I loved the mix of blue and yellow… I already had the blue plates, the yellow set came with napkins, and the amber cups also really matched, but the cutlery imitating bamboo… was the icing on the cake, as a friend says.
Table set

I haven’t yet eaten sitting at the table with this decoration. Now it’s summer in Florida, and it’s simply impossible to sit in my backyard for lunch like in the photo; I want to enjoy the pool, and there are no mosquitoes at night. The idea is there, and I will definitely use this decoration indoors in winter or any day.

All accessories can be found through links I placed on the blog posts and in the photos.

What do you think?