Beautify Your Kitchen with Wallpaper – See the Transformation Now!

I always wanted to put a panel on the wall of my house. Still, I never looked for it, first because I thought it was too expensive, then because it was complicated to place, and finally, because of the difficulty of finding something different that would highlight one of the spaces.

“Let’s make someting beautiful together”


Photowall has an incredible variety of panels and wallpapers, one more beautiful than the other. Themes range from art, abstract, nature, sport, astronomy, colors, cities, religion. These are just a few examples.

Choosing Wallpaper location and Panel

First, I had to decide which wall of the house would be attractive to place a panel on. The first thing I did was call a friend who is an interior designer. I needed help measuring and giving opinions on which walls I could place the panel on.

I had three places in mind, my kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom.

For a few days, I was thinking, and the urge came through the kitchen, where I spent the most time besides my office.



As I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t think you will decide that quickly unless you already have something in mind or a decided theme, such as a baby’s room. Initially, I was still undecided about two locations in my house; I was looking at options for the bedroom and kitchen. In the bedroom, I wanted something more romantic, and in the kitchen, abstract. I visited the site for three days, selected my favorites, and gradually minimized my choices between the two environments.


Note: If you don’t have an interior design friend with me, they help you with simple questions; the customer service is excellent!

photowall wallpaper
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You don’t know how excited I was when Photowall contacted me to collaborate with them. Photowall is a Swiss company that produces “Wall Art” in wallpaper, panels, canvas, and posters for those who have never heard of it.

candles decor


There is no right or wrong when choosing a wallpaper. Whatever environment you choose, consider harmonizing it with the furniture, colors, and space.


Attention to Environments

You must pay attention when choosing the type of paper per room, for example, in bathrooms and kitchens; choose paper that does not have problems with humidity and that can be cleaned with water.

Decisions, decisions

Once the place to install the panel and theme was decided, it was time to measure the wall and place the order.

The measurements on the United States website are made in Inches. They ask to add 2 to 4 inches more in height and width. Placing the order is a breeze; the website is very explanatory and easy to use. I recommend purchasing the kit to install the wallpaper; it costs only 18 dollars and comes with all the tools needed for installation.

Eagerly awaiting installation day.

From the day I placed the order to delivery, it only took 5 days; it came via DHL.

Yay! Finally, let’s put this beautiful panel in the kitchen!

I asked my “handyman” for help, as besides being a bit new to wallpaper, he told me that it would look much better if we removed the TV from the wall to place the paper evenly.

When unrolling the paper, I noticed that everything was numbered and with a marked place to cut and separate the pieces that would go on the wall.

While I was opening the boxes, he was preparing the wall and mixing the glue, which comes in powder form and requires adding warm water. I then marked the divisions of the panels on the wall, and we installed them, I mean, he started installing them, and I just stayed.

advising, cutting the panels, and checking that everything was going correctly.

We had a little problem: my roof is not straight like most American buildings. So, some space was left over, and we solved it with a piece of white wood.

I confess that it was one of the most fun projects to do. I thought it was better than painting walls, to be honest, hahaha







And there’s more, Photowall is offering my followers/readers a surprise. Use code trendmeup25 at the end of your shopping for 25% off any purchase made on the website.

In addition to the beautiful panels and wallpapers, they have canvases and posters with the same designs and offer a service to personalize your image. Have you ever imagined putting that photo of a trip you took on a poster, painting, or even turning it into a panel?